Emotional Freedom Technique: What is tapping? The technique to improve mental health

Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a form of tapping, is one of the most popular wellness therapies this year and nearly everyone will benefit from it. Tapping, in general, can help you with all sorts of mental health concerns and even help you to change your life, from your finances to your physical goals. Express.co.uk chatted to tapping expert Poppy Delbridge (@poppydelbridge on Instagram) to find out everything you need to know about tapping.

What is tapping?

Tapping is a therapy dating back thousands of years from Eastern energy medicine.

You’ll have heard of acupuncture, and tapping uses the same ‘energy lines’ but without the needles and involves a degree of modern psychology.

Poppy said: “We use tapping to reduce stress, anxiety and pain and to increase harmony, calm and possibilities.”

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In its purest form, in the East, tapping has been around for thousands of years.

Poppy explained: “Since the 1970s, tapping went West into cognitive ‘talking’ therapy by a clinical psychologist, Dr Roger Callahan who started using more energy techniques with his long-suffering therapy clients.

“To his shock, one of his patients was ‘cured’ of a water phobia and it became known as TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

“Since then it has been simplified into EFT Tapping and has been recognised as a therapy to help war veterans with PTSD and is increasingly proving to be more reliable than traditional therapies such as CBT in clinical trials.”

As EFT International, the leading body Poppy trained with, says the West is quite sceptical of ‘energy’.

However, Poppy noted: “With the development of more sophisticated medical technologies, the existence of the primo vascular system has been established.

“It’s still evolving and there are now different specialisms within the tapping phenomenon so you can tap into everything from weight loss to wealth.”

Tapping helped Poppy conquer my phobia of dogs and she now has her own puppy, but she has seen the technique help others in a range of ways.

She said: “I’ve also used it to create my goals – both emotional and financial.

“I am both a success coach and an advanced EFT Practitioner, so I am particularly interested in how you use it to create what we want in everything from wellbeing to work.

“Since using it with my clients I’ve helped everything from stutters to stage fright to agoraphobia to low self-esteem to deep trauma from childhood.

“I haven’t yet found an issue it hasn’t helped with and I’ve worked with hundreds of people including CEOs and celebrities, so it really is miraculous to me. Coaching alone didn’t bring the same results.”

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of tapping.

Poppy said: “EFT is a proven, therapeutic method that uses fingertips to ‘tap’ on meridian lines to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, weight and many other issues that affect us.”

In EFT Tapping there is the ‘Basic Recipe’ which is a set formula.

Within Rapid Tapping, another form of tapping, you’ll do something a little different. 

Poppy explained: “In Rapid Tapping I also tend to focus attention on specific areas depending on the emotion we are working on, so for example if I have a client with anger issues I would recommend they tap on the sides of the eyes more than usual.

“I prefer people to get tapping on the basic points rather than get confused about whether they’re doing it ‘right’ or not.”

Your Taster Tap: LETTING GO from House Of Poss on Vimeo.

How to do it

The easiest way to start tapping is to get a coach like Poppy or follow her videos.

Copy her movements in the 15-minute video above, which works for most issues to help alleviate stress, worries and uncertainty.

Whatever you do, don’t overcomplicate it! Poppy says this is one of the ways people go wrong.

She also warned: “I see lots of people trying to ‘stay positive’ and saying affirmations like ‘I am happy all day long’ but in order for tapping to really work we need to focus on the negative first.

“It works with the brain as well as our energy system, so when we ‘trigger’ an issue we can then disrupt the signals that start the amygdala in the brain kicking out the stress hormone, cortisol.”

Poppy does a virtual group tapping evening each month for £35, but The Possibility Club is the best way to tap regularly and affordably every month as it’s £37. Join here.

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