Emergency SURGERY for abdominal pain – because of the 30-Year-old swallowed 10 years ago, something

In Australia, Doctors have made a curious discovery in the intestines of a 30-Year-old. The young woman appeared in a West Australian hospital and complained of spasms of severe pain and abdomen. First investigations but gave no indication as to the cause.

As the pain had subsided, sent to the Doctors the woman home. They suspected gall stones from behind the complaints. The “world reports”.

Two days later, the 30-Year-old stand, however, with a severe pain in the clinic. A transillumination of the abdomen was arranged. According to the report, an oblong, thin object fell to the Physicians in the investigation, which had pierced the small intestine of the Australian at a number of Places.

Surgery brought light into the darkness

Due to the severe pain of the woman and the danger of a Bowel obstruction, the doctors had to an Emergency surgery forced. After they had opened the abdomen they found a seven-centimeter-long wire in the intestine of your patient. It turned out that it was a dental wire, as it comes with braces frequently used.

A subsequent survey, the 30-Year-old promoted according to the “world” that the woman had worn ten years ago, braces. The wire had to have for years put undetected in the gut of the woman.

How could the object at all ingestion is unclear. One of the esophagus, however, must be painful.