Dr Mosley shares a simple trick that ‘can help treat type 2 diabetes’

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Dr Mosley has explained how flipping your metabolic switch “can help treat” type 2 diabetes. The doctor has shared it can also improve blood pressure, inflammation and brain health. Here’s how to do it and how long it takes to see the results.

Dr Mosley said: “Your body is like a hybrid car. It runs on two main energy sources, sugar and fat.

“The body will burn glucose (sugar) if it is available, which comes from carbohydrate rich foods like bread, potatoes and pasta.”

“However, fat is a far more efficient source of energy, and switching from using glucose to using fat as your fuel source can lead to a host of benefits,” he added.

The doctor has explained that simply swapping certain foods for others can help you flip your metabolic switch.

For example, when it comes to sushi, he suggested swapping white rice with cauli rice for a simple metabolic switch.

The reason why fat is a “better energy source” than glucose is down to our blood sugar levels and glycogen.

The doctor explained: “When we consume meals high in carbohydrates, the body breaks them down into glucose, causing your blood sugar levels to rise.

“Your pancreas releases insulin to help the body to use the sugar as fuel.

“This rapidly reduces your blood sugar levels, and any glucose not used for immediate energy is stored as glycogen.”

When your glycogen stores become full, the excess glucose begins to be stored as fat, causing you to gain weight.

He added: “What’s more, with more sugar in your blood, the pancreas makes more insulin to help distribute the glucose.

“This becomes a vicious cycle called insulin resistance, that can lead to developing type 2 diabetes.”

What foods should I swap for?

Dr Mosley recommends lowering your intake of simple carbs – juices, fruit, sugar and sweet things – and starchy carbs – potatoes, rice, wheat, bread – as these cause spikes in your blood sugar.

The doctor says you should choose complex carbs and fibre instead.

Complex carbs can be found in vegetables while fibre is a form of these carbs, which is non-digestible.

The doctor explained that fibre feeds the gut microbiome and supports healthy digestive function.

This swap also brings a more gradual rise in your blood sugar.

“My advice is to cut down on soft drinks, sweets, rice, potatoes, bread and fruit juice and choose non-starchy vegetables, whole grains and legumes,” said Dr Mosley, the author of The Fast 800, a weight loss plan.

He also advises following the “healthiest diet out there”, a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in protein, fibre, healthy fats and some complex carbs.

He explained that this can flip your metabolic switch as well as bring other health benefits.

How long does it take to flip my metabolic switch?

The doctor added: “It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to flip the metabolic switch and begin seeing the benefits.”

“By continuing to follow meal plans provided, you’ll be on track. Trust the science, stick with it and you absolutely will see progress,” he said about the Fast 800 meal plan.

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