Doctor unveils grim ‘jewels’ inside body if you don’t wash your belly button

An NHS doctor has revealed a disgusting truth about not washing your belly button.

Dr Karan Rajan, who gains a massive following on TikTok thanks to his engaging videos on health, issued a warning to his fans of the danger for not cleaning flesh holes regularly.

He explains in the post by giving a trigger warning reminder: "If you have omphalophobia – a fear of navels – please look away.

"Now I'm gonna explain how your body makes its own natural jewellery.

"Our flesh holes can build up with sweat, dead skin cells, oils, clothing fabric, bacteria and forbidden cheese.

"If not washed out on a regular basis, this material can accumulate and harden into an omphalolith, a belly button stone.

"And belly button stones come in a wide array of colours, it's usually black but can be a light brown."

Omphaloiths are also known as navel stones or umboilths and are masses made up of sebum and keratin deposition that oxidises into a solid, black accretion.

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Some viewers made light of the warning, with one saying: "We growing pearls boys!"

One was grossed out and questioned: "Why would people not wash their navels every time they take shower?"

"i didn't have a fear of belly buttons until I saw the one behind your head," another wrote while a fan joked: "All this time I've been paying for cheese when I could just make it with my body."

The stones do not usually cause problems unless they become infected or inflamed and may go unnoticed for years.

Dr Karan recently also explained that every living person has spider-like mites laying eggs on their faces.

He said the tiny face mites that live in our hair follicles only come out for "sexy time" and laying eggs.

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