Doctor explains how long the perfect nap should be to avoid feeling groggy

Whether you had a bad night’s sleep the night before or just feel a little fatigued there’s little more satisfying than a great nap.

The perfect midday kip can recharge your battery so you have a little zing to keep you going through the day.

Unfortunately, if you time things wrong then you may wake up feeling worse than before.

You may feel disoriented, groggy and confused – and you might really struggle to wake up again.

But, why is this and how can we make sure that every nap is perfect?

What's your perfect nap routine? Tell us in the comments below…

Dr Karan Raj, a medic over on TikTok has been explaining the best ways to get quality sleep – and it’s a delicate balance to achieve.

In a clip on his account he explained: "I wanna tell you the secret to the perfect length of a nap and the best time to nap.

"The 'Goldilocks nap' – nap for 90 minutes.

“Ninety minutes allows you to cycle through all the sleep stages – that's one cycle of sleep.

"Any longer or shorter you risk sleep inertia, that feeling of grogginess.”

He continued: “The best time to nap is between 1pm and 4pm.

“Sleeping any later will drop your adenosine levels too low so you won't feel sleepy at night.

"Adenosine is a sleep molecule, when it's high, we feel sleepy, when it's low, we feel alert.

“Sleeping reduces adenosine levels.”

Unfortunately, a 90 minute nap isn’t always possible during your lunch break, but will feel amazing on your days off.

Dr Raj also recommends not making your bed when you wake up in the morning.

He advises that you leave your bed aired out and messy for a while as the sunlight and air will cause dust mites to dehydrate and die.

And, nobody wants to be nibbled on by mites at night do they?

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