Crude theories of the Coronavirus in circulation: these are the facts

The Coronavirus is omnipresent – also in the network. Parallel to the current spreading in the real world, false information and conspiracy theories spread is very good and solid. Most frequently the focus of the Chinese government and the Foundation of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. What is true and what is complete nonsense.

The Coronavirus is a Virus which did not know of the doctors in this Form so far. According to a lot of people are confused, when the same Doctors, researchers and authorities speak of a controllable risk. The Internet spread-to-date on various pages – such as Youtube – wrong information on possible symptoms, the origin of the Virus, and that the alleged involvement of the Foundation of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. An Overview.

Statement 1: China wanted to use the corona virus as a biological weapon against the United States.

Assessment: This is nonsense.

Facts: again and again, claim conspiracy theorists, the Coronavirus come from a Chinese secret lab, and should actually, as a biological weapon to be used. Only on 15. March of the retired Austrian Infektologe Wolfgang Graninger claimed in the daily newspaper “Kurier”, incorrectly, that the Virus “should be suspended in the United States, so the population is hysterical and the economy is properly a crash.” Politicians and supporters of the Republican party in the United States spread the persistent rumor.

A lot of things about the corona virus are still unclear, including the exact origin. And indeed, there is in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the first cases occurred, is a research laboratory that deals with Virology. Scientists, however, agree that the Virus is of the nature comes from and not the laboratory. The had shown dozens of independent genomic analyses, as well as the world’s leading medical journal “The Lancet” confirmed.

Researchers, instead, that the origin of the pandemic is located in a so-called “Wet Market”. The markets, on which live, in part, exotic animals for sale and then the purchase will be slaughtered. “Wet Markets” are already been criticized for years because of the lack of hygienic conditions optimal conditions for the spread of viruses. Live animals are stacked in cages on top of each other, blood and excrement and body fluids from animal to animal and to man. Many of the residents of Wuhan, in the beginning of time infected, had to visit the “Wet Market”. AFP A scene from the market in Wuhan (the archive image of the year 2013)

The researchers now decoded the genome indicates with almost 100-percent probability that a bat was the original animal host of the Virus. Thereafter, the pathogen was probably to other species. “Epidemiological evidence suggests that a Virus with bat-origin infected as yet undetermined species of animals, which were sold on a market with live animals in China,” write the researchers in the prestigious journal “New England Journal of Medicine”.

A statistical analysis of the ETH Zurich comes to the conclusion that the first infected person is most likely to have on the market in Wuhan is in use. If this man has eaten an infected animal, or in any other way with him came in contact with, is still unclear – but at the origin, there is among scientists, in the meantime, little doubt.

Microbiologists also indicate that the genome of the Coronavirus is a gigantic mess, to the people in the lab never came – much to complicated. And: The Coronavirus would be a rather poor bio-weapon. Who wants to cause great damage, has better excitation for selection as a Virus that induces in most cases a fairly mild course of the disease.

Claim 2: super markets change because of the Coronavirus will soon make their Opening times and closing on several days of the week.

Rating: Such plans, there is not and there will be probably never.

Facts: This rumor is a Screenshot of an alleged FOCUS-Online article back in the social media and WhatsApp has been circulating. This is the largest German supermarket chains had agreed on and would close on multiple days of the week. Only Monday and Friday to open the stores.

Take Sie's from a source that should know: such An article on FOCUS Online never. Anyone who has a bit idea of HTML, source code or image editing, can generate such a Fake Screenshot easily by yourself. Also, the supermarket chains, self-contradict. “Our markets are ALL open DAILY TO THE REGULAR opening HOURS,” reads a Tweet from the Kaufland chain. “Don’t be crazy. We are here for you!“

In fact, supermarkets are one of the shops, which are likely to remain throughout the duration of the pandemic open. Because somewhere, people need to get their food here. Even at the height of the Corona-pandemic in China supermarkets had opened.

Assertion 3: The use of Ibuprofen leads to the fact that the Virus spreads faster.

Rating: Wrong, researchers say.

Facts: On WhatsApp has been circulating currently a voice message, in a previously unknown Person a dangerous claim: Therefore, have an employee of the Vienna University hospital told her, taking Ibuprofen will lead to the fact that the Coronavirus is from the faster spreading.

The clinic itself, however, speaks of a Fake message. “The currently circulating WhatsApp-Text – and voice messages about the alleged research results of the 'Vienna Uniklinik' to is a connection between Ibuprofen and Covid19 it’s Fake News, which are not affiliated with the Medical University of Vienna.“ Again and again, such chain letters are in circulation, written by stuffed shirts. Better not to believe in Anything what is circulating currently on WhatsApp.

Claim 4: The Coronavirus is more dangerous than Sars – also, highly contagious and dangerous.

Rating: not True.

Facts: The new Coronavirus is contagious as the Sars pathogen, explains Bernd Salzberger, Chairman of the German society for infectious diseases. However, the Rate of severe disease in Sars gradients higher. According to experts, the new lung disease appears to be mild in most cases, even without symptoms. "The Virus is certainly not as contagious as the Masern", the infection Loge added. In order to infect, you would have to the physician, according to "to have some time of contact to a distance of less than one metre of an Infected."

Clemens Wendtner, the attending chief physician of the first four German Corona-patients, shares this assessment. Measles are contagious, therefore, much more than the new Virus from China. The physician warns, therefore, against panic. For this, there is no reason to. “Not even in Bavaria.” Germany, he added, also, a Measles stem. Even in Germany, virus diseases, infectious very much, and more dangerous than currently, the Coronavirus.

According to experts, the danger, in this country, for example, with a flu infection is currently higher than for an infection with the Coronavirus. The flu challenge every year, many fatalities. In the season 2017/2018 about 25,000 people in Germany, of Influenza died. It is the worst flu season in decades.

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Claim 5: an Itchy rash with red dots is another Corona-Symptom, the media concealed.

Facts: In a Video, the currently the social networks, haunts, and Whatsapp is so widely, it is said, the media would information about the Coronavirus hold back. The Virus was more serious than previously communicated.

A concrete statement: The Virus manifests itself not only by fever, cough, shortness of breath, shortness of breath and fatigue, but also by a rash on the skin with red dots, would wear in the middle a black dot. The pimple-like points became hardened, and itch greatly, it is said in the Video.

Assessment: there is no point of reference.

Facts: “to My knowledge, the patients had neither Sars nor the novel Coronavirus is a Rash, let alone a spezifischen", Hartmut Hengel, Virology Professor at the University of Freiburg and President of the society for Virology explains in an interview with the ARD.

Claim 6: the Gates Foundation supported the Institute for a Patent on the current Coronavirus holds.

Assessment: there are no points of reference.

Facts: First infections of the Chinese-derived pulmonary disease are in December 2019, is known. It is assumed that the responsible Coronavirus in the Form of 2019-nCoV, in a market in the city of Wuhan.

Article in the network, and users in social media on the possibility that the Virus have no natural origin, but in connection with Gates. The Foundation should have about the development of the pathogen financed. As alleged evidence to lead to a Patent, registered by the Pirbright Institute in 2015. Among the supporters of the scientific institution: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (in addition to the British environment Ministry, the WHO and the EU Commission).

In fact, there is a Patent of 2015, entitled “Coronavirus” of this Institute. However, it is a Patent for the development of vaccines against an avian virus. This research has nothing to do with the current spread. The current excitation 2019-nCoV belongs to the family of corona viruses. For more about the Sars and the Mers – Virus.

In immunology it is common for researchers to change the genetic makeup of pathogens to make them less dangerous. These are suitable for the production of vaccines. In it fragments of viruses, or pathogens themselves, in a milder Form. The vaccinated organism to develop defense mechanisms against the viruses.

According to information from the European patent office (EPO) provides Patent no permission, “to use an invention to bring in the traffic, or – as in the case of drugs on the market,” said an EPA spokesman. “This is regulated by other laws.”

Gates is often the target of conspiracy theorists. Especially opponents from the work of the US multi-billionaire. The Gates Foundation funded in the world, among other health projects, including immunization programs.

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Claim 7: The Gates Foundation to weeks before the current Coronavirus outbreak 65 million Deaths predicted to have.

Assessment: This is wrong.

Facts: On 18. October 2019 and has worked as a senior panel of experts in New York, the simulation exercise “Event, 201”. Organizer of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the world economic forum and the Gates Foundation. The Exercise has improve according to the organizers, the objective of the operational readiness of public authorities and private organisations in the event of a worldwide epidemic (pandemic), to prevent greater damage to the economy and the population.

Last week, the Johns Hopkins Center contradicts the allegations that it had predicted in October, a forthcoming Virus outbreak predicted 65 million Deaths by the current Coronavirus “”. Rather, they’ve designed for the event with a fictitious scenario. It went from a total of 65 million dead, if no defensive measures against a pandemic will be worldwide in a coordinated way.


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