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Corona-Monitor: fear of the Coronavirus back goes

The fear in the population, before the new Coronavirus drops, but the fear of economic impact as a result of the pandemic increases, so, two important results of the new “BfR-Corona-Monitor”. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) recorded in the survey, the Fears and Concerns of the population in relation to the new Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

“Since few months, the novel Coronavirus puts the world in fear and worry”, but draw in Germany, apparently, a reversal of the trend, because for the first time, fewer people are worried again because of the consequences of a Coronavirus infection, the notification of the BfR. “Especially young people assess the health impact of as not so big”, says the BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel.

Less fear of damages

Still, 40 percent of respondents in the previous week, that you can damage an infection with the Coronavirus view the result as a large, dropped this figure to 26 percent. With the diminishing fear of a reduced willingness to comply with certain measures of protection, however, is to determine.

Acceptance of the curfew falls

Although the majority of people continue to take measures to protect yourself or your family from the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, but the proportion of those who avoid the Public actively decreased compared to the previous week, for example, by ten percentage points to 42 percent, according to the BfR. In comparison to the weeks preceding the event, in particular, the output lock and the closures of most of the shops less and less by the respondents as fairly valued.

What are the paths of Infection to be feared?

The willingness to Wear protective clothing, however, remained at a virtually unchanged level (22 percent). This could also be due to the fact that the proximity to other people is seen by 74 percent of respondents as the main route of infection. In the case of other Infection routes such as smear infections via doorknobs, cash, or toys, a decreasing concern, however, was to determine.

Fear of economic consequences is growing

In terms of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the current “Corona-Monitor” shows that the health of the back addresses the consequences are currently rather in the Background, and the fear of the economic consequences grows. 36 percent of respondents reported “that they will be the economic impact more affected than the health and 24 percent, however, the health consequences are greater,” says the BfR. Only 13 percent of the respondents assume that they will be affected neither their health nor economically.

How is a rating of the media coverage?

For the first time, was queried in the current edition of the “Corona-monitor” with a view on the media coverage also, as this population is perceived. While 62 percent of the respondents rated the coverage as “adequate”, 35 percent perceive them as “exaggerated” and three percent as “belittling”. (fp)