Coronavirus: Saxon launches Online piggy Bank for people in financial Need

As the dimensions of the Coronavirus were clear, knew Grit Maroske immediately what to do. The author and a painter from Saxony has organized according to its own figures some fundraising for flood victims, for example, for Cancer and for the victims of the extreme right-wing terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany. Now Maroske has launched an action for people by the style of the public life in the financial are wrong situations.

"A Facebook friend wrote to me, full of worry that you can’t afford to eat more, because the local panel close musste", Maroske says to FOCUS Online. "And another friend said to me: Yes, me too, how am I supposed to pay for the cat food? So I thought: man, we have to do a big sock."

The principle: On Paypal, willing donors can Deposit an amount of your choice, the needy, in turn, Maroske can send a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Together with a Team of helpers, the 51-pays-Year-old then amounts of money from the donation pot, with which the help to the needy, for the first to come over the rounds. More than 1,000 euros came together within 24 hours.

"For the time being, the amounts of 50 to 100 euros that we pay are. But is that enough to then first, in order to go shopping, or the car vollzutanken", Maroske explained. Constantly fluttering new requests come in, she says. As of just now: A single waitress was due to the Coronavirus "today on the morning on the road gesetzt" been outraged Maroske, "the white now, not how you want to pay for the food for their children."

Maroske will try to help you also, just like the cancer woman, who could no longer afford their medically necessary specialty foods. "When people can no longer go into Restaurants or to concerts or to the cinema, then it should bleiben&quot a bit of money left over;, Maroske says. "And then we give it to the people who need it."

  • Who wants to donate for the action, you can do this Paypal Link
  • Help Maroske can send bedürfige a message here: Facebook | Twitter
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