Coronavirus: quarantine-Hotel in China collapsed – 70 people are missing

The Coronavirus from China continues to spread. More than 3400 deaths, has called Covid-19 worldwide so far, about 100,000 people are infected. You can find all the information about the Coronavirus outbreak in the News-Ticker at FOCUS Online.

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70 Missing after the collapse of the quarantine Hotel in China

After the collapse of a hotel in the East of China, around 70 people are buried under the rubble. The Hotel "Xinjia" in the city of Quanzhou was collapsed on Saturday, at 19.30 local time (12.30 CET), the management of the city reported in the Eastern province of Fujian. About 23 people were able to be recovered thus far.

The 80-room Hotel was recently converted into a quarantine Station for people, the contact with Coronavirus patients had, as it was called in newspaper reports. According to the state news Agency Xinhua that the rescue lasted measures.



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FOCUS Online/Wochit empty swept places: satellite images show the consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak