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Corona: sick reach new record high

The Sick in Germany, reached in March 2020, a record high. The percentage of sick workers was in this month to the highest level in 20 years, an analysis of the techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is shown.

Although numbers during the previous Corona-crisis decline in hospital patients, and a significant decline of specialist visit reports, but the Sickness has reached a new record high. This could be also explained with the help of preventive sick due to the Corona pandemic.

Incapacity for work certificates of more than five million policyholders evaluated

As the technician health insurance (TK) in a recent communication, writes, has reached the hospital in Germany in March 2020, a record high.

The current evaluation, for which the TK has the incapacity for work certificates of its approximately 5.3 million insured working population evaluated, shows that the percentage of sick workers was workers with 6.84 percent, its highest level since 20 years.

For comparison: in 2019 amounted to in the year, when Sick, to 5.30 percent, and in 2018, it was 6,30 percent.

Sick leave due to colds

The information, according to colds are instrumental for this increase. Here, too, the statistics are recorded according to the TK with the highest values for the past 20 years.

In the second half of March of the Sick was due to cold symptoms, therefore, to 2.70 percent. In the past year, there were only 1.46 per cent and in 2018, up to 2.42 percent.

The new diagnostic key for COVID-19 plays at the sick but only a minor role. Only 3.304 incapacity cases of all in March 2020 reported 884.389 cases were coded with the diagnosis COVID-19.

Every two years, a strong cold wave

“We assume that a large proportion of above-average reports on the basis of the Corona is Sick by preventive sick pandemic explain,” says Dr. Jens Baas, Chairman of the Board of TK.

“The people have not followed the recommendation to stay with cold symptoms, for safety’s sake at home, in order not to endanger others,” says the expert.

“Usually, it comes every two years to a strong cold wave, which is reflected in high days low. Prior to Corona, we recorded the highest value of sick leave during the flu season 2017/2018.“ (ad)