Controversial study: Corona-the patient can set the Virus for a long time after recovery free

In the case of some than recover applicable SARS-CoV-2 patients, the Coronavirus could be detected even weeks later. This shows a recent study.

Trigger two convalescent patients from a hospital in the Chinese Loudi, delivers again with Covid19 symptoms and a positive effect on the Coronavirus have been tested were. In the result, the Doctors examined the 58 more as a healthy laid-off patients. And indeed, In the case of ten, the Virus could be detected again. Previously, the &quot had;Ärztezeitung" reported.

All patients were discharged four to 24 days earlier from the hospital as recovered, as they showed no symptoms and twice in a negative, were tested.

In the new study, again the Virus RNA could be detected: In five patients with a Nasopharynx, in the case of six an anal smear was positive in one patient, both. The Doctors assume that the patients infected after a recovery again, because you had to go into home quarantine, and it was within only a very few cases.

Of the ten positive Corona of the tested patients have no symptoms at the time of investigation, eight, and two patients over 70 with pre-existing conditions had the occasional cough. One of the two could have set according to the study, the Virus 56 days free.

Larger study on Corona-Convalescent needed

A Patient had donated after his release, already Plasma. Since the medical staff had no sufficient protective clothing, nor was this sent later in quarantine. Corona Tests were negative.

The authors of the study to Jinru Wu of the University in Changsha emphasize that further, larger studies are needed to statements and decisions on a possible new way of dealing with Corona-meet Recovering to. In addition, it must be examined whether the detected viruses are also infectious. In stool samples, as yet, no infectious viruses were detected.