Chloe Bailey Showed Off Her Toned Abs In A Bunch Of New Instagram Photos

  • Chloe Bailey has a sweet solution when life gives you lemons: Take photos.
  • She shared a bunch of photos on Instagram, and her abs look super toned.
  • Chloe’s workout routine includes running three times a week, bodyweight exercises, and sweating in a sauna at Shape House.

When life hands Chloe Bailey lemons, she takes some cute photos under her lemon tree. The singer and producer — one half of Chloe x Halle, with her sister Halle Bailey — shared a series of impromptu snaps taken in her backyard on Instagram. Wearing a white bandeau top and jeans, Chloe showed off her super-toned abs.

Chloe’s quick to credit her fam for her fit bod. “I think half of my body is from genes and my family, my mom was a track star, her body was banging, and I think I got it from her. Now, I’m vegan, I don’t think being vegan has anything to do with my shape,” she said in a fan Q&A video. “Food is my kryptonite, it is the best blessing for me and the biggest curse.” Chloe says she notices her weight fluctuate when she doesn’t work out consistently.

Chloe does not use a waist trainer, but said she puts a sweatband and “sweat gel” on her stomach while working out. (She was careful to say that she’s not sponsored.) “It works wonders. Waist trainers don’t work for me.”

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She also goes to Shape House saunas and uses an infrared sauna blanket at home. “You get in it, and you lose all the water weight, so if I need to look snatch for a shoot, that is what I do.” Every morning, the sisters told Teen Vogue, they walk their little brother to school. “That helps us start our day off nice and refreshed. And we love to go running, around three times a week.”

In a video for the Fader, Chloe and Halle showed off their morning workout, which includes a lot of bodyweight exercises like weighted leg lifts, lunges, and yoga poses.

When it comes to her diet, Chloe is vegan. “You have certain foods that you just love, like jasmine white rice, bread, apples, grapes, and watermelon,” Halle told Chloe in a YouTube video produced for BuzzFeed. Though Chloe doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, she enjoys homemade vegan gluten-free sugar cookies. Tbd if she made any lemonade with her lemons after the shoot.

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