Change in thinking is required? Smear is not always enough to Corona to prove

Infection by the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 can be used, according to the scientists, not always on a swab from the mouth, nose or throat to demonstrate. This common Form of Testing could fail in the case of a Corona-infection is negative, report doctors at the University hospital in Freiburg, in the “German Medical weekly” (DMW).

This is showing an Infected person from Freiburg, in the three pharyngeal swabs, negative are down. The experts therefore recommend the analysis of further samples from the chair or out of deep respiratory secretions, when the usual smear of the round, despite reasonable suspicion, repeated negative.

Patient: Only when the fourth Test Corona detected

In this case, according to the figures, a 46-year-old patient who came with cough and fever at the Freiburg University clinic. The symptoms were at this time already for a week. After the three negative throat swabs, the physicians showed that the virus genes are eventually excreted respiratory secretions, the so-called Sputum. At this time the Patient is without complaints. Although he values with Obesity, high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar is equal to a number of risk factors had, had he survived the infection without major complications.

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The swab from the mouth, nose, or throat, is common practice, a Corona detect evidence of infection. In the meantime, notes that this method is not always reliable, are on the increase, however, the physician Daniel Hornuß of the University hospital of Freiburg said. If the laboratory values and the findings indicated in the computed tomography Covid-19, should be, therefore, the genetic test other biomaterials, such as Sputum, deep respiratory secretions or stool tried, rates Hornuß and his colleagues.

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