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Impurities in the honey – producer starts the callback

Because of the potential for contamination, a recall for the German bees was started honey “Burtschützer spring honey”. In the course of production of metal wear particles could be present in the honey, warns the manufacturer.

In the product “Burtschützer spring honey” can be contain fine foreign bodies in the Form of metal abrasion, so the message of the manufacturer. From a consumption are therefore urgently advised against. The honey can be returned at the point of sale.

“Burtschützer spring honey” affected


As the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety reported on its Portal is the “Burtschützer spring honey” into the packing units 250g glass and 500g glass from the manufacturer Fa. A farmer called Pure Pigors (Burtschützer street 11, 06729 Elsteraue) back. Are affected all the above mentioned products the date of minimum durability 29. May 2021.

For safety eat not reasons

In the honey of abrasion from the honey was found-mixer, so the justification for the current recall. “For security reasons, we ask you to bring the produced by us Burtschützer spring honey (…) back again, or not to eat more,” warns the manufacturer. The company apologizes for the inconvenience, and offer an exchange or refund of the purchase price. (fp)

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