Calisthenics Athlete Chris Heria Shared the Abs and Treadmill Routine He Uses to Get Shredded Abs

Calisthenics pro Chris Heria regularly shares nutrition and fitness advice on his YouTube channel, demonstrating the “hacks” he uses to maintain his shredded physique. In a new video, Heria shows the specific treadmill routine he uses for the cardio portion of his training session, followed by a core workout that lights up his abs.

He starts off on the treadmill with sprints, 15 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 15 sets. “You want to get used to the high intensity, as well as being able to comfortably go on without stopping,” he says. “You’re also training yourself mentally. When you feel like giving up, when you feel uncomfortable, like you need to stop, just calm yourself down, breathe.”

Typically, Heria does a mile of sprints and then goes straight into a 3 or 4-mile run. He’ll run all-out for at least a minute, and when he starts to fatigue, takes the treadmill setting down half a point. “I’m cost-averaging my speed,” he explains. “Sometimes people run as fast as they can and completely gas themselves out very shortly, and go straight to a walking pace, and end up averaging a speed that’s very low. We’re going at a moderately high level.”

He follows this with another half-mile, but switches up his technique, running in lateral movements; this is something he learned while working on his footwork as a boxer. “It’s definitely going to help you with your physique, strength, movement,” he says.

Once the cardio portion of the workout is over, Heria moves onto a series of exercises that target his abs, including a twisting pulldown variation, ab wheel rollouts, laying leg raises, and incline crunches. “If I happen to be in the gym, I’m going to be taking advantage of the equipment I’m not always using,” he says.

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