Bluestar Is Proof! Three-Legged Dogs Just Want to Have Fun!

Sweet, energetic Bluestar is a stellar example that dogs don’t need all four paws to lead a happy, healthy life! He loves to play, meet new people, go on long sniffy walks in the park and play with his doggy friends in playgroup.

This handsome man is looking for an adopter who will love him for who he is and will continue to reinforce his good doggy manners. Bluestar would be a great fit for most families. When introduced to other pups, Bluestar has had a blast! But what’s better than playtime? Walks! Bluestar’s wiggly body will say “Yes, please!” and he’d love for you to bring along some of his favorite treats.

Bluestar will need some time to get used to his new digs and is working on being more relaxed when left alone for periods of time. He would benefit from access to a safe, quiet, den-like area while you’re away. Bluestar is still working on housetraining, and our Matchmakers would love to give you tips to set him up for success. He will also need appropriate outlets for his physical and mental energy.

If you’re ready to make Bluestar a part of your family, and you live in the tri-state area, check out his profile to complete an application!

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