At HIMSS20, Innovaccer will unveil unified patient record for care team collaboration

The healthcare industry continues to be a fragmented one. Consumer demand, the aging population, an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases and ever-rising costs all make it a good candidate for transformation.

At the heart of a digital transformation, access to timely patient data in a usable context continues to be the growing challenge, and data is key, said Abhinav Shashank, co-founder and CEO of Innovaccer, which will be at HIMSS20 in booth 2014.

“Until we take the unification of patient data on as a priority in healthcare, we are not going to move the needle sufficiently,” Shashank contended.

Unifying patient records

Innovaccer will launch its “unified patient record” as a proprietary model at HIMSS20. Its interface enables the collection of data from the full range of a patient’s healthcare experiences and provides a complete view of that patient for a care team, said Shashank.

“There is an urgent need to organize healthcare information and make it more accessible to better coordinate patient care across the continuum of care and reduce spiraling costs,” he explained. “We organize healthcare information and make it accessible and useful. And we’re building the future of healthcare with a fresh approach to the unification of patient records that will drive collaboration within the care team.”

“There is an urgent need to organize healthcare information and make it more accessible to better coordinate patient care across the continuum of care and reduce spiraling costs.”

Abhinav Shashank, Innovaccer

Following a decade of digitizing healthcare systems for transactional use, there is a quiet evolution underway creating a cultural and operational shift in the management and delivery of healthcare, he added. The highest goal is to create a collaborative and team-based culture of care delivery; the success of value-based care is highly dependent on it, he said.

“Our vision is to help healthcare organizations care as one, and the unified patient record is critical to realizing this vision,” he said. “One unified patient record, one platform, everyone on one page in service of the patient for better outcomes.”

The backbone of the platform

The unified patient record serves as the backbone of Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform that uses APIs and an analytical framework to manage complexity across all patient care settings, the company said.

Today, Innovaccer leverages artificial intelligence to automate workflows and create point-of-care alerts. The platform uses what the company calls “value-engineering” to generate custom actionable intelligence to “activate” patient data.

It also integrates applications on the platform using tools for collaboration, greater efficiency and the ability to address social determinants that factor into a patient’s health, the company explained. So far, Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform has unified more than 3.8 million patient records, the company said.

“Value-based care is growing,” noted Dr. David Nace, chief medical officer at Innovaccer. “It’s all about taking the data and putting it in the right context for every care team member in real time. The beauty of the unified patient record is that it facilitates the transmission of data from different settings, brings it together and helps all stakeholders stay connected. This is true interoperability and it really does help care teams care as one.”

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