Are Birkenstocks From Costco Real?

Everyone loves a good sale when it comes to expensive items. Big name brands have the ability to charge high prices because of the appeal of having that specific label. But not everyone loves paying name-brand prices for things or can afford to, no matter how appealing the item. Sales are a good way to get that coveted item at a discount, but be careful — a “too good to be true” sale might actually be too good to be true.  

Take the popular shoe brand Birkenstock, for example, which are beloved for their comfy and stylish sandals and sell everything from flip flops to wedges. Normally, Birkenstocks retail for about $100-$150, depending on the style and type of sandal you are looking to buy. One of their most iconic sandals, the Birkenstock Arizona, retails on their website for $135.

So, when someone on Instagram discovered that the Arizona sandal was being sold at Costco for the low, low price of $30, obviously people were going crazy wanting to grab them. That’s $100 cheaper than the website sells them — an amazing deal! Is the deal too good to be true though? 

Are the Costco Birkenstocks real?

After the Instagram post circulated online, many people began talking about how “great” the $30 Birkenstock deal was at Costco. If you think the deal sounds a little fishy, though, there’s a reason for it. After seeing the photo go viral and so many people talking about it, the company decided to speak out about the absurdly low price.

According to Business Insider, Birkenstock America’s CEO David Kahan says that the company does not sell their sandals to Costco and that they are not an official retailer of Birkenstock sandals. He is unsure whether the sandals from Costco are “real or counterfeit” but he did also state that the company would take legal action against the corporation if they continue to sell their product without actual legal permission. 

While we all would love a pair of $30 Birkenstock sandals, there’s no telling if the ones sold at Costco are real or not. 

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