Andy Samberg Predicted His Future When He Was 8 & It’s Shockingly Accurate

You probably know Andy Samberg as a big-time comedian, but a recent blast from the past suggests he just might be a psychic too. The former Saturday Night Live cast member’s mother is on a mission to clean out her basement (good for you, Mrs. Samberg!), and that means Andy has been shipped box after box of his old stuff. In a recent package, the Brooklyn 99 star found a school assignment from third grade. His teacher had asked the class to write about their lives 20 years in the future.

Samberg brought said assignment to a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and host Jimmy Kimmel read it aloud for the lucky audience.

“Andy Samberg will be 28 years old 20 years from now.” Wow. Accurate already!

“He will be a comedian and make a lot of money. After he has made $1,281,342.42, he will get married and have two kids. He will make them clean the kitchen while he watches the football game. Since they do so much work Andy will give them $10 a week for [an] allowance. His kids will be happy, his wife will be happy, and he will be very, very, happy. The end.”

Kimmel insisted this practically spot-on prediction isn’t a gag. And based on the childlike handwriting, we are inclined to believe him. Samberg is married to harpist and singer Joanna Newsom, and the couple has two daughters who they keep out of the limelight. Plus, he is a professional comedian who has made $1,281,342.42 (and beyond!).

And so Kimmel had to know, does the family clean up while Samberg watches football?

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