Alex Guarnaschelli's Game Day Mozzarella Sticks Have a Spicy, Meaty Twist

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The Super Bowl is almost here, and even if you aren’t a huge football fan, it’s always fun to celebrate the big game with platter after platter of game day snacks. Ordering delivery is tasty, too, but when you’re waiting all day for the football to start, it’s fun to have a yummy kitchen project to work on. So when we saw Alex Guarnaschelli make her signature mozzarella salami sticks with vodka sauce on this week’s episode of The Kitchen, we were smitten, and luckily, she shared the full recipe on her Instagram, so we have time to get our ingredients together before Super Bowl Sunday.

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Guarnaschelli’s mozzarella sticks are even better than what you can get from a pizzeria, because they’re stuffed with spicy salami. And rather than dunking them in a jar of store-bought marinara, she whips up a quick and tasty vodka sauce that’s equal parts bright and creamy.

To make the sticks, mozzarella string cheese sticks are wrapped in salami, then breaded in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs. For the crunchiest results, you’ll want to repeat the process twice. Refrigerate the sticks for 30 minutes – this helps them stay together when they’re cooking, instead of exploding cheese and salami into your cooking pot – then drop them into 350 degree cooking oil.

Use a digital thermometer to make sure your oil is at the right temperature – if it’s too hot, the mozz sticks will burn, and if it’s too cool, they soak up the oil instead of getting crispy and golden-brown.

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Not everyone likes deep-frying, because it can get a little messy. We recommend using a splatter screen to cut down on oil splatters, making the whole affair safer and easier.

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You can keep the cooked mozzarella sticks warm in the oven while you finish making them, and when you’re done and everyone starts digging into melty, stretchy mozzarella sticks filled with salami and dunked into your homemade vodka sauce, you’ll be hailed the true MVP of Super Bowl Sunday.

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