A Woman Grew Pubic Hair On Her Face After A 'Botched' Skin Graft

  • One dog bite victim had a skin graft to repair her face when she was young.
  • Crystal Coombs’ doctor used skin from her groin for the procedure, and the new skin started growing pubic hair.
  • She dealt with the unwanted hair most of her life, but sought help from Botched after giving birth to a baby girl.

Skin grafts are amazing things—doctors can literally take skin from another part of your body and put it someplace new, where you need it. But one woman had a skin graft on her face after a nasty dog bite…and it started growing pubic hair.

The woman, Crystal Coombs, appears in a clip for a new episode of Botched where she tries to get help. Coombs said she was bitten by a dog when she was nine and went to the ER, where doctors told her to wait and see a plastic surgeon to fix the “chunk of tissue” that was gone from her face.

“It was open for a while,” she said in the clip. “Like how the outside of Freddie Kruger’s face looks, with the burn? That’s what the inside looked like.”

Coombs eventually saw a plastic surgeon who suggested they do a skin graft from her groin. “They did the surgery, and then the hair started growing,” she explained in the video. It was “literal pubic hair,” she said, adding that she doesn’t remember her doctor saying at the time that this might happen.

Botched doctorTerry Dubrow said in the clip that it’s actually unusual to take hair from the groin. “There’s so many places,” he noted. “They could’ve done the back, the abdomen. You obviously wouldn’t do the armpits.”

Coombs said she’s just dealt with the whole pubic hair-face situation for most of her life but, now that she has a daughter, she’s become self-conscious about it. “She’s 6 months, and I’m worried about the kids she’ll go to school with… I don’t want her to be teased,” she said.

Coombs is hoping that the Botched doctors can make her facial patch as “small and minimal as possible,” but the doctors said it might be tricky. “Crystal’s case is actually deceptively very complicated,” Dubrow explained. “That skin graft is very close to critical anatomic structures like the nose, the cheeks, and the eye, that if altered, even a little bit, can change the entire shape of the face, and look very deformed.” (Eek!)

Coomb’s episode airs on E! Monday at 9 pm ET.

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