21 Photos of Lindsay Arnold's Baby Girl Sage That Will Melt Your Heart

Welcome to the World

After announcing her pregnancy in March 2020, Dancing with the Stars pro Lindsay Arnold, 26, and her husband, Samuel Lightner Cusick, also 26, welcomed their first child together on Nov. 2, 2020, the dancer revealed on Instagram.

“The most beautiful surprise on this very special day 💕💕” Arnold wrote in the caption for a photo taken shortly after she delivered her daughter via C-section. Her little girl’s arrival was one week early.

“Baby Girl and mama are healthy and well 💕” she added in the caption. 

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Home Sweet Home

At 4 days old, Sage headed home for the first time with her mom and dad. Arnold wrote on Instagram, “Home ❤️❤️ it has a whole new meaning to us now. Sage, you are our entire world! Mommy and daddy love you so much 💕 #4daysold #home #newborn”

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Baby’s First Mirror Selfie

One week after giving birth to her baby girl, Arnold shared a photo of her postpartum body as she snuggled up to her “precious Sage.” 

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Morning, Sunshine!

Arnold shared a sweet video of Sage waking up and taking a big stretch at 2 weeks old. 

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Baby’s First Hike

Sage got all bundled up for a hike with mom. “She slept the whole time and missed all the pretty mountains but she is the cutest view so it’s fine 💕💕,” Arnold shared. 

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Did Some-Bunny Say, ‘Adorable?!’

Sage looked absolutely adorable in her little bunny costume. “My heart cannot handle 😍😍😭😭😭😭😭 little bunny Sagey baby,” Arnold wrote alongside some sweet snaps of her daughter. 

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So Thankful

Arnold and Cusick had plenty to be thankful for on Thanksgiving 2020. The new mom shared on Instagram that they are “Grateful for our new normal ❤️❤️ diapers everywhere, messy room, newborn cuddles, and no sleep.”

She joked, “I left the house today with dried spit up in my hair cause I figured I’ll get more in there throughout the day so why shower now😂 Sam and I are getting a good routine going of taking turns holding Sage while we brush our teeth (and yes that is what sam is doing in this pic lol), pee, change our clothes, the basics 😂 and through all these changes, I have truly never been happier.”

Arnold added that their lives “have a whole new meaning” thanks to their daughter. She wrote, “Every lesson we have learned/mistake we have made is to help us be better for you, Sagey. Our marriage and love for each other is now what we can give to you. Even taking care of ourselves has a whole new meaning because it’s to be better parents to you. I am so grateful for this new outlook on life and a whole new purpose for everything I do. We love you so much, Sage. ❤️❤️❤️”

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Baby’s First Road Trip

Arnold was one “proud mama” after her daughter’s first road trip. She wrote on Instagram, “Sage was a rockstar on her first road trip and first night sleeping away from home 🤗”

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Selfies With Sage

Arnold asked her followers who little Sage resembles more: her mom or her dad? What do you think!?

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Totally Fierce

Part of the fun of being a mom is having matchy moments with your baby, right? Arnold revealed that she was “wishing [she] had a matching leopard onesie,” but acquiesced that her leopard headband “will have to do for now.”

“The days are so much better when you have your mini bestie with you everywhere you go 💕💕💕,” Arnold added. 

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Arnold was back at it again with the matching outfits, only this time mom and baby wore floral ensembles! “Wore this dress at my baby shower 6 weeks before I gave birth when Sagey was still in my tummy and now matching with baby girl 6 weeks after she came into our lives is a pretty special moment for me 😭,” Arnold shared. 

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Tiny Fashionista

Sage is already the most fashion-forward baby we know! She showed off a few ‘fits (Arnold’s favorite was the red tutu) on Instagram. 

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Sweet Snuggles

“Cuddles with my girl, Sage💕💕💕 ,” Arnold captioned a photo snuggled up with her daughter in bed. “There really is nothing better than those quiet moments with my sweet little girl 😭 I’m trying to enjoy them as much as I can cause i have been told they eventually want to cuddle less and just wanna run around and play 😂”

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Snow Angel

Arnold had some winter fun with her “little snow baby ❄️❄️❄️❄️” in Utah in December 2020.

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Baby New Year

“Our New Years kiss looked a little different this year with this sweet girl and we wouldn’t have it any other way 😭😭😭😍😍😍 Sagey, we love smoochin those yummy cheeks and we will never stop 🤗,” Arnold captioned a photo of her and Cusick giving their daughter a smooch to ring in 2021. 

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All Smiles

“All smiles over her cause this little angel slept for 8 hours straight last night 😭😭🙏🙏,” Arnold shared on Instagram after Sage’s big accomplishment.

She then shared, “Honestly when I woke up and realized 8 hours had passed I had a mini panic attack and raced into her nursery but there cute Sage was happy as can be and ready to eat ❤️.” Moms know that feeling, right?

Arnold concluded, “Oh wow I love this little girl so much my heart may burst! Not sure if this good nights rest is gonna be the norm but we will take whatever we can get 🤗🤗.”

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Beach Baby

In January 2021, Arnold wrote on Instagram, “Emotional over these pics 😭😭 Matching swimsuits with MY daughter? 😭 can’t believe I get to be this sweet girls mama forever ❤️.”

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Ladies in Red

Arnold loves a matching moment. In fact, she revealed on Instagram, “I could stay in this spot forever matching with my girl.” 

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Happy Baby

Sage and Arnold don’t just match outfits, they also match smiles! The newborn flashed a smile for the camera in January 2021. 

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Pretty in Pink

Taking a page from the movie Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays we wear pink 💕,” Arnolds wrote on Instagram. 

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Bath Time

Sage is clearly a big fan of bath time with her mama! 

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