Organic and Printed Electronics: Enabling new applications

Thin - lightweight - flexible - robust. Traditional markets will be revolutionized by organic and printed electronics. The OE-A Roadmap provides guidance to the industry, research institutions and politics. (Picture: Holst Centre)

Organic and Printed Electronics: The next generation of packaging

Smart labels can deliver item-level tracking of quality data for goods such as pharmaceuticals and perishable foods. Integrated systems combine printed sensors, batteries, circuitry and displays to smart labels. (Picture: Thinfilm)

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Explore – the website of the world's leading network for the next generation of electronics (Organic Electronics and Printed Electronics). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. (Picture: BASF)

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   Your comprehensive guide to the organic and
   printed electronics industry, the new OE-A
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   With its new Products & Services Directory, the OE-A
   (Organic and Printed Electronics
Association) provides
   a comprehensive guide to the organic and printed
   electronics industry. The user- friendly and comprehensive
   platform is of indispensable help if you are looking for
   particular products or services, a specific competence or
   potential new (business) partners. The leading new online
   platform provides support when searching for an expert in
   a specific field.

   It represents both the entire value chain of this emerging
   industry and the products and competences of OE-A
   members: world-class global companies and institutions,
   ranging from R&D institutes, component and material
   suppliers to producers and end-users.