EU-Vision Paper: A European strategy for Organic Electronics and Large Area Electronics (OLAE)


This paper serves as input to the Horizon2020 priority setting process of the European Commission and has been compiled in cooeration with  the photonics Unit of DG CONNECT, European Commission, the OE-A and the EU project COLAE and major stakeholders from industry and academia.

The field of Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE) is a technology area with business potential in many application domains. It has received support in earlier EU framework programs. Its potential to create business in Europe justifies further EU support. Priorities related to the OLAE field are now included in various parts of the Horizon2020 programming. It is important however to maintain an overall vision on this field and to ensure that the major synergies between the different OLAE research, development and innovation activities are guarded.

The Vision Paper is based on an earlier version made by the photonics Unit of DG CONNECT, European Commission. Insights have been added from a workshop "Innovation Strategies for Organic and Large Area Electronics" which took place on February 5th, 2013 in Frankfurt/Main with support of the OE-A and the EU project COLAE and which was led by Isabelle Chartier (CEA), Ilkka Kaisto (VTT), Jaap Lombaers (Holst Centre) and Herman Schoo (Holst Centre).


Siebecke, Alena
Siebecke, Alena