International Standards for Organic Electronics and Printed Electronics


(International Electrotechnical Commission) started the standardization for the Printed Electronics. The first meeting was held in Seoul Korea in May 2012.

The role of is to facilitate the rollout and industrialization of printed electronics. First the committee aims to set down formally the standardized terminology of electronic printing methods applicable worldwide. Taking a consensus-based approach to this international standardization work ensures that the technology can then be deployed on a global level with a minimum of investment. The scope of the committee covers standardization work on typifying the relevant materials, characterizing equipment, setting down test methods, reliability and repeatability, and any of the ensuing processes, paying due regard to the fields of health, safety and the environment.

Currently eleven nations participate in TC 119 (Canada, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Sweden, US) and seven more to observe the process.

Alan Hodgson, GB, is chair of the new and Prof. Haesong Lee, Korea, serves as the secretary.

The OE-A has been supporting IEC-TC119 from the start.  Contributions include results of the OE-A working groups 'Quality Control and measurement / Standardization' , Roadmap, as well as support of national mirror committees.

If you are interested to become active in TC 119 please contact the ().

Siebecke, Alena
Siebecke, Alena